Saturday, November 18, 2017

Neo-Nazi Richard Wolstencroft on Facebook, 2009-2010

The following screenshots from Richard Wolstencroft's Facebook account were taken in 2009 and 2010. He rarely went more than two days without some babble on crude racism, white supremacy, defending Nazis, or fantasies about the Fascist Utopia to Come. The first 10 or 12 should be enough to convince you that he's a genuine neo-fascist. If you read on after that you'll see the extent to which Fascism is a major preoccupation for him.

They won't be a surprise to people with access to his Facebook now. In fact he's probably written much worse things since then. I'm putting them back up mainly for people with no Facebook access and who aren't already familiar with the twisted and irritable bowels of this idiot's mind.

Up until this time Wolstencroft had avoided making explicit racist and antisemitic comments in his public writing. He considered Facebook to be at least semi-private, with around 1,300 "friends" at the time (including "Travis Bickle" and "Blackbeard the Pirate"). On his blog, in the Melbourne Underground Film Festival program notes, and elsewhere he had been ranting for years about "transcendental fascism" and it was obvious to anyone looking below the surface that he wasn't just being a stirrer and a "cheeky" provocateur.

(Note: the screenshots have been restored from the 2010/11 website. My intro and comments are new)

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